R4AW Co-Leader

Jen grew up in Brooklyn, New York and didn’t compete in any sports until much later in life at the age of 37. She started running in 2009 after the birth of her second son, when a friend challenged her to run the NYRR Scotland Run 10k in Central Park. Running became much more than a fitness plan and quickly became a way to find a community of like minded women and a metaphor for life. Later that year she would run her first marathon in Philadelphia.

Since 2009, Jen has run 7 marathons, 3 New York and others in California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maine. She has also run close to 20 half marathons on the East and West coast and countless 10ks and 5ks.

In 2017, running would become even more meaningful through her work for Run 4 All Women. Through activism and team collaboration, Jen has enjoyed working with women all over the U.S. to support women’s reproductive rights and raise funds for partner organizations.