What's the Midterm Run?

The Midterm Run is a national grassroots initiative designed to activate progressive power during the midterm elections. We are raising awareness and money of candidates running to flip Congress by running (or walking) 2018 miles.

What's the Midterm Run Pledge?

For the Midterm Run, the #Run4AllWomen team is pledging to run 2018 miles. The Midterm Run Pledge is aimed at activating progressives everywhere to run, walk, or do something to motivate others to vote during the midterm election. Your pledge will help raise awareness funds and awareness of candidates who will be fighting for progressive values. The Midterm Pledge is about you taking action, raising money, and doing our part for those who are running for us.

How do I pledge?

To be a part of the Midterm Run pledge, simply download our TOOLKIT and commit to doing your part between now and November 6, 2018.  Have a specific and extraordinary measurable goal. You’ll add your name to a  list of growing supporters from around the country who are coming together to flip Congress.

How will the funds be distributed?

Midterm Run has partnerships with a number of organizations to ensure that all money that comes in from your contributions are going to support the districts and races of candidates we support.  Black Voters Matter Fund receives the funds and does any combination of the following: 

  1. Directly support our candidates and district efforts through political activities.
  2. Contribute to Partner organizations that have a long established relationship with communities in districts we’re looking flip.  These organizations include: Emily’s List, Latino Victory Fund, Victory Fund, and Working Families Party. Because many of these organizations have been in the space much longer than us, we have established partnerships to ensure that the money we send their direction will go to support the candidates we’ve identified.  These partnership have created incredible opportunities for our candidates; for instance, many of our partners have agreed to match contributions dollar for dollar for candidates that both we and they support. 
  3. From our website, you can be redirected  to each candidates' page and make a contribution directly to their race.We only ask that you share about your support on social media using the hashtag #MidtermRun so you can activate others. 
  4. The Midterm Run has identified 501(c)3 non-profit organizations that are doing incredible work to activate people to get involved in civic responsibilities.We also encourage you to support these organizations and again, share about it on social media using the hashtag #MidtermRun

How were the candidates picked?

This was not an easy task. First, we identified our goal: Flip Congress.  For that reason, we are only supporting candidates running in district with a Republican incumbent.  Second, we talked, met, and debated with many of the partner organizations mentioned above, many advisors, and mentors, looked at the stats, heard from folks on the ground, and landed on this diverse list of candidates.  No list is perfect, but this is where we’re focusing our effortss. We encourage you to support these candidates, but if you are inspired to support another, use our toolkit to activate progressives in your area.

Can you tell me about Black Voters Matter Fund?

Black Voters Matter Fund is an Independent Expenditure that has worked to activate progressives in districts that often times go overlooked.  Led by LaTosha Brown, Black Voters Matter was instrumental in galvanizing black women during the 2017 Alabama U.S. Senate Social Election in which Doug Jones beat Roy Moore in large part due to the turnout of black women voters—women that were activated by Black Voters Matter Fund.  Black Voters Matter fund continues to do one the ground grassroots organizing to help flip local, state, and national elections by targeting many communities that are often overlooked. 

Can you tell me about Run 4 All Women?

In 2017, leading up to the inauguration, four women decided to respond to the threats posed by the incoming administration by organizing.  What began as four women running for all women quickly grew into a national movement of people running for all women, hence the name Run 4 All Women.  The Run 4 All Women campaign originally set out to raise $44,000 for Planned Parenthood, but the campaign grew into an international movement that galvanized thousands of runners from around the world to run for women's health. What started out as an effort of four women quickly grew into a movement of thousands running for all women and ultimately raised more than $160,000.

Can you tell me about Run 4 All Women ambassadors?

Run 4 All Women  ambassadors hail from states across the United States and are committed to Run 4 All Women's Guiding Principles: grassroots activism. empowerment through fitness, community building, and elevating the conversation around women's issues.  To learn more about our ambassadors, please visit